Bi-fold doors demand up

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There has been a surge of interest in aluminium bi-fold doors. Self-builders and home renovators are choosing bi-fold doors, as they recognise this creates a stylish new living space which seamlessly joins your outdoor and indoor areas to make the most of the space and view, but also adding value to the property.

To complement every style of building, traditional or contemporary, a unique RAL colour palette is available and an option to have a different colour inside and outside of your doors.

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With the latest high performance technology, the doors have a unique 8-point locking system, which conforms to all the latest security standards, and feature chamfered 20mm linear bolts providing a simple and smooth operation when engaging the lock.

The locking system features linear bolts combined with deep throw 25mm security hooks and strong hinges to give maximum compression to ensure the doors are secure as well as weather resistant.

The low threshold design – weathered and non-weathered allows for even level floor finishes inside and outside making a transition between each space seamless.

There are situations where one may have a slightly unusual layout, and a corner set of bi-fold doors at 90° angle or bay sets are available. These optional configurations offer flexibility in making the most of your space and creating a dark corner with natural light.

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