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Croydon Window Company has earned its reputation of being an expert in manufacturing and installers of Comar Aluminium curtain walling for all scopes of projects from commercial to domestic.

Boyden Tiles headquarters located in Beddington Lane, Croydon, Surrey needed a new update, and Croydon Window Company were pleased to take part in this new project of Comar Aluminium curtain walling to create a dynamic appearance to the building.

The brief was cleaning the existing cladding, repair damaged cladding and over clad RAL 9005 Black semi-gloss. The side panels are fitted in Comar Aluminium and 5P.i. windows, with new sections of Comar 7 doors. The capping’s to the existing arch sections are carefully removed and powder-coated in RAL 9005 black semi-gloss and re-glazed in spandrel panels, and new windows to the ground and first floor.

The glass is high performance double glazed with argon filled 28mm gap, and fitted with a silver reflective solar, heat and glare control film, providing maximum performance levels where severe discomfort is experienced. The benefits of this reduces glare, reduces heat increase, reduces air conditioning costs, and provides one way vision performance where they were having problems with glare on their computer screens and heat gain. This was the best solution on energy saving for the front office windows which are facing SE and picks up the sun in the afternoon.

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The Comar Advanced Window System is designed to conform to BS4873 and demonstrates a continuation of Comar's innovative approach to the design of Architectural Aluminium products. The window profiles are thermally broken with ‘rolled in’ polyamide profiles to deliver an improved thermal performance.

Comar offers one of the most versatile approaches to insulated aluminium low to medium rise curtain wall cladding for new developments or building refurbishments which has developed from many years of experience with façade framing systems and proven methods of pressure plate curtain wall glazing.

This system exhibits the highest standards of design appeal strength and durability for today’s commercial and domestic market.

Boyden Tiles can be found at http://boydentiles.co.uk


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